Literary Night at SMK Assunta

The Star, July 11, 2004

SMK Assunta’s Literary Night once again lived up to its reputation of awing, exciting and inspiring audiences over the years.

Organised annually by the school’s English Literary and Debating Society (ELDS), this year’s concert themed “Legends” was truly a celebration of colours, creative talents and literary works in various genres.

The sell-out concert featured 10 items, which included drama, poetry, music and dance.

With elaborate sets and detailed props, the students transformed the stage into a Roman Empire for the comedy “Helena’s Husband”, taken from the legend of ‘the face that launched a thousand ships.’

Costumes from the 18th century to the present were specially tailored and lent a touch of authenticity to the performances.

The audience was also given a taste of the famous musical, Les Miserables, a powerful drama depicting tragic lives and relationships during the French Revolution.

Demonstrating outstanding vocal talent, Naveena Charles, who played the lead role Valjean, wowed the audience with her rendition of “Bring Him Home”.

Instead of lip-synching or singing to a minus-one tape, the 27-member cast performed to live music played by pianist June Lau. Songs such as “I Dreamed a Dream”, “Come to Me”, “Castle on a Cloud”, and “Do You Hear the People Sing?” were delivered with full energy.

A Riverdance-inspired piece entitled “Celtic Sunrise”, was also a crowd favourite.

Other items included “Immor-tality Exposed” – an original oratory presentation on immortality, and a musical interlude which featured four talented saxophonists with renditions of Blue Moon and Tea for Two.

Extracted from one of Kahlil Gibran’s renowned poems, “Ode to Life” was a philosophic presentation of the fascinating variety and bewildering complexities of life.

From coordinating the items and auditioning aspiring actresses to preparing the props and sewing costumes, students put in their very best to ensure the concert was a success.

“This has been a time-honoured tradition in the annals of Assunta.

Each president and her team have carved their unique legends which have remained enshrined in the memories of both participants and spectators alike,” says teacher advisor Veronica M. Narayanan.

The momentous event also brought together past and present staff and students of the school. School founder, Sr Enda Ryan and former principal Indra Somasundaram were also present.

“Literary Night has always evoked nostalgia, especially among ex-Assuntarians who return in hordes to bathe themselves in the excitement and euphoria of the event,” says an audience member and former English panel head of the school, Dr Gurnam Kaur Sidhu.

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