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High time to shape up

Sunday Star, Star Education, June 13, 2004 Story by Joanne Lim With the formation of the National Council for Fitness, Malaysians are encouraged to scrutinise their lifestyle. JOANNE LIM checks out the fitness level of students and what schools are doing to produce healthy individuals. BOGGED down with tuition and other extra classes, 16-year-old Christine …

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Farewell to a beloved HM

Sunday Star, Star Education, November 9, 2004 Story by Joanne Lim RETIRING SMK Assunta principal Lim Sew Kwe has always been known as a caring and understanding person who would go out of her way to ensure the welfare of her staff and students. When school counsellor Yong Gan Chok’s father passed away in May, …

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Towards better English

Sunday Star, Star Education, August 17, 2003 Story by Karen Chapman IT is never too late to improve your language skills, so how about spending two days learning English from experienced teachers as well as discovering the art and science of using simple body movements to accelerate and enhance performance? Sounds interesting? Well, the De …

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Assunta unearths time capsule

Sunday Star, Star Education, July 6, 2003 Story by Joanne Lim EQUIPPED with gloves and a cangkul, SMK Assunta founder Sister Enda Ryan dug up a time capsule planted by the school’s Interact Club exactly 10 years ago, on June 26, 1993. About 150 members of the club gathered at the school’s Interact Club Garden …

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Helping needy pupils

Sunday Star, Star Education, March 2, 2003 COMMUNITY service is nothing new to students of SM Assunta in Petaling Jaya. As members of the Leo Club, fifth formers Shalini Subramaniam, Ashwinha Asairinachan, Bavani Ponniselvan and Lydia Low have been carrying out projects that benefit the community. When they learnt about Maxis Hotlink’s A Nationwide Student …

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New Building, New Era

Sunday Star, Star Education, August 3, 2001 Story by Gavin Gomez THE Assunta spirit is very much alive!” declared SM Assunta’s founder-principal Sister Enda Ryan as she led students, both past and present, and invited guests in singing the school anthem last Saturday. An immediate roar of applause ensued. Such is the school spirit that …

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