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Past Activities

A total of 8 committee meetings were held from March 2017 to March 2018
March 25Annual General Meeting
April 21English Litt. Night
April 28Sports Day
April 29Class of ’87’s 30th Anniversary
May 4Big Sister/Small Sister
May 28Sr Enda’s Biography Book Sale @ Assumption Church
July 9Sr Enda’s Biography Book Sale @ SFX Church
July 22Karnival Keusahawanan SMK Assunta
July 29Annual Breakfast with Teachers Raya Edition
August 26Class of 1984 50th Birthday Party
September 8YCS Mass
September 16Assunta Truly 1Malaysia Picnic
September 17Sr Enda’s Biography Sale @ St Ignatius Church
September 29Puan Lee’s Farewell
October 28Class of 1967 Reunion
November 4Annual Reunion of Lasallians of LSPJ 2017
November 18Roots: A Badan Warisan Exhibition
A total of x committee meetings were held from March 2016 – March 2017
A total of 6 committee meetings were held from March 2015 – March 2016.
March 28Annual General Meeting
April 10English Litt. Night
April 11-13Sr. Enda’s Biography Singapore Trip
April 15Pn. Eow’s & Pn. Habsah’s Farewell
April 25Assunta Secondary School’s Sports Day
May 9Majlis Anugerah Kecemerlangan SMK Assunta 2015
May 18Teacher’s Day Celebration
June 6Annual Breakfast with Teachers
June 13-14Sr Enda’s Biography Sale at St Ignatius Church
September 19Assunta Day
October 9Big Sister Small Sister Program
November 22Harider Veriah Trust (HVT) Fund Raising Tea
December 6Sr Enda’s Biography Sale at Assumption Church
December 30Birthday Celebrations for Sr. Letitsia and Sr. Enda
February 9Chinese New Year Lunch for FMM Nuns
March 7SEWO Concert
March 29Annual General Meeting
June 7Breakfast with the Teachers
September 16YesterYear Nostalgia Picnic
September 21Sr Enda’s Biography Book Sale in Divine Merch Church
November 29A & W Last Rendezvous
February 16Sr Enda’s Biography Book Sale (pre-sale) at Class of 1983 reunion
March 16Annual General Meeting
March 21Form 5 School Leavers Recruitment Drive
March 22SEWO Concert
April 19English Literary Night
May 1Sr Enda’s Biography Book Launch
May 11Speech Day
May 14Sr Enda’s Biography Book Sales at St Patrick’s Tea
June 29Breakfast with the Teachers
June 30Sr Enda’s Biography Book Signing at Borders
July 5Sports Day
July 7Sr Enda’s Biography Book Sale at St Francis Xavier Church Family Day
August 27Sr Enda & Nesam BFM Radio Interview
September 7Sr Enda’ Biography Book Sale in Assumption Church
Sunny’s Grandson’s 1st Birthday Celebration
September 22Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation Carnival
September 25Sr Enda’s Biography Book Sale in school
October 26School’s 55th Anniversary Hi-Tea
December 28Sr Enda’s Birthday Lunch
January 20Assunta Spirit Week
February 18I Love Assunta Picnic
March 22Form 5 School Leavers Recruitment Drive
March 23SEWO Concert
March 24Sr Enda’s Feast Day Hi-Tea
April 24Assunta Alumni AGM
Be there!
April 27English Literary Night
June 15Big Sister Small Sister Recruitment
June 29Sports Day
July 14Tadika Fatimah’s 50th Jubilee Celebration
September 15Breakfast with the Teachers cum Mrs George 80th Birthday Celebration
October 23Brand’s Experience Centre Visit
December 2Sr Enda’s Birthday Party cum Biography Fund Raising
January 22Anti Human Trafficking Campaign (NCWO)
January 24Assunta Spirit Week
February 25SEWO Concert: Fame
March 27Assunta Alumni AGM
Be there!
April 26Handing over of PC to Editorial Board
April 29English Literary Night
May 27Teacher’s Day Celebration
June 10Handicraft session for Teachers by Peggy
June 18Breakfast with the Teachers
July 15Sports Day
July 27Hari Wanita Celebration by NCWO
July 30Mathias Gerber Talk by NCWO
November 18-19Visit to Sekolah Kebangsaan Assunta Kuantan
January 22Assunta Spirit Week
January 29Cheque Presentation to Mercy Malaysia
January 29Safety Awareness Demo for Women and Children
February 6Kejohanan Merentas Desa
March 21Assunta Alumni AGM
April 9SMK Assunta Sports Day
April 16SEWO Concert: A Time Evolution
April 17Temasya Sukaneka SK Assunta 2 Kali Ke-50
May 14Hari Anugerah Kecermerlangan
May 16Assunta Teacher’s Day Celebration
June 5Breakfast with Teachers
June 13Blessing and Official Opening of Assunta Convent New Wing
June 16Bon Voyage Sister Enda!
July 9100709 Literary Night 2010: Love Me Love Me Not
August 4Konsert Bingkisan Kasih – Pn Hong Yin Wah’s Retirement (by Juniors)
August 6Majlis Sentuhan Budi Lambaian Kasih – Pn Hong Yin Wah’s Retirement (by Seniors)
August 8Mad Hatters’ Picnic
August 14NCWO National Women’s Day Dinner
August 20Exam Blessing Mass
August 31Friends of FMM Day
September 27Donation to Tadika Fatimah
October 7101007 Welcome Home Sister Enda!
October 14Majlis Persaraan (Ms Viji’s Retirement)
November 8Welcome Pn Rita Chay! 7th Principal of SMK Assunta PJ
November 13SK Assunta 2: Karnival 1 Malaysia
November 15Tadika Fatimah Annual Concert
December 10Sisters’ Enda and Letitsia’s Pre-Birthday Celebration
December 12NCWO Biennial Conference
February 18Sister Enda’s Vocational Award Presentation @ Royal Selangor Club Kuala Lumpur
March 15Launch: Help Us Educate a Child @ Tadika Fatimah
SMK Assunta Cafeteria
March 21Sister Enda’s Feast Day Celebration @ PJ Hilton
April 18SMK Assunta Sports Day
Be there for AA March Past!
MayAssunta Alumni officially affiliated with National Council of Women’s Organisation (NCWO)
May 18Assunta Teachers Day @ SMK Assunta
June 26Christian Mission Schools Conference @ St. John’s Institution KL
June 27In Tempo with Life
Performance by Assunta Military Band @ SMK Assunta
JulyBreast Cancer Awareness Campaign (NCWO)
July 17Literary Nite 2009: MOSAICS
by the English Literary and Debating Society (ELDS)
SMK Assunta
August 25NCWO National Women’s Day Dinner
October 9Pink October Breast Cancer Awareness (NCWO)
October 31Tadika Fatimah Annual Concert
December 10NCWO Merdeka Awards
December 19La Salle PJ’s Golden Jubilee Dinner
March 20Assunta Alumni AGM @ SMK Assunta Cafeteria
April 5Launch of Assunta Golden Jubilee
Unveiling of New Art Building
April 12SMK Assunta Sports Day
Be there for AA March Past!
May 31Breakfast with Past & Present Teachers @ SMK Assunta Cafeteria
June 28Assunta Carnival @ SMK Assunta
July 12Our Heritage Our Pride Concert @ MBPJ Auditorium, Civic Centre, PJ
August 2Thanksgiving Mass and Blessing of the Convent Datin Paduka Sister Enda Ryan Prayer Room @ SMK Assunta Art Gallery, SMK Assunta PJ
August 9Assunta Golden Jubilee Gala Dinner @ JW Marriot Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
December 27Sister Enda’s 80TH Birthday Bash @ SMK Assunta @ The Courtyard

October 28Assunta Summer Fun Hunt 2007
November 11Coffee Morning
DecemberSale of Christmas Joy CD Album in aid of under-privileged children at Tadika Fatima, Assunta Children Society and SEWO (Sister Enda Welfare Organization)

April 16Spring Fun Hunt 2006
August 5SEWO Concert
August 20Assunta Children’s Society Charity Carnival
September 20Breakfast with Past/Present Teachers

JulyOur Inaugural Issue of “The Assuntarian” Newsletter
July 30SEWO Concert
August 13SMK Assunta Ceriathon

March 27Sister Enda’s Feast Day & 75th Birthday Celebration
October 9Assunta Alumni Dinner & Dance @ Pan Pacific Kuala Lumpur

July 12Unveiling of the “Thinking Pool” by Sister Enda
August 24Assunta Children’s Society Carnival
October 4Breakfast with Past/Present Teachers

August 24Fund Raising at BSC Bazaar
September 20SK Assunta Jogathon
NovemberSEWO Fashion Show

July 7Assunta Carnival
October 7Assunta Alumni Dinner & Dance @ Sunway Resort Hotel, PJ
NovemberSEWO Fashion Show

October 14Alumni Inaugural Dinner & Dance @ JW Marriot, KL
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