Assunta School Song

Sing! Let all voices, unite in joyful harmony
Salute our school flag, the symbol of our unity
Brown and white the colours, which each of us must now uphold
Our good behaviour in school – and out – reaps joy untold
God bless our school, let Your truth and love found herein
Affect our lives day by day and keep the future free from sin
God bless our homes, and our parents who take Your place
And may we prove gratitude, by using well our school days
Bless each of our teachers too, for the loving care e’er shown to us
Bless each one of us and pupils of the past,
this is our prayer

School days are numbered, and one day we must take our place
As loyal members of our beloved Malaysian race
Here in Assunta we live as one large family
In preparation for what our future lives must be
Where’er we go, over land or sky or sea
Our thoughts will turn to PJ and our Alma Mater Assunta
Ideals learnt here will guide us where’er we be
As we look back there will be, that guiding star to light our way
Ever and evermore, to Assunta School we pledge loyalty
“Ad Veritatem Per Caritatem” – Assunta

Truth and Charity will be our rule
We’ll be ever faithful to our School!

Assunta School Song Lyrics composed by The Singing Nun,
Sister Enda Ryan FMM

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