Return of The Thinking Pool

The story behind “Thinking Pool”

The original source of Sr Enda Ryan’s idea is the outcome of her visit to the United Nations back in 1968 when taken there by former Headgirl Shirley Chang who represented Malaysia at the World Fair.

The former UN Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold’s Room of Quiet (UN Meditation Room), struck Sr Enda as a wonderful open way of respecting all races and religions.

A room devoted to peace and those who are giving their lives for peace.

A room of quiet where only thoughts should speak and hence most appropriate in a Malaysian setting. Particularly for our Assunta Family Spirit.

Sr Enda’s idea was to have an area where ALL Assuntarians could spend time with their thoughts AND their GOD… completely; non-denominational and hence, drawing all closer together as a family at a deeper level.

But there was no available room and so the Thinking Pool concept emerged.

Said Sr Enda, “There wasn’t a spare inch within the building and so we found that spot behind the canteen. Several donors responded and the construction of the Thinking Pool began in 1971.

Then in 1972, Form Five students of 1971 contributed a fountain for the Thinking Pool.

Later, one wishing to remain anonymous (and still very much an ALIVE Assuntarian!… whom you all know-lah!) got her dad to cover the pool so that leaves from nearby trees wouldn’t constantly fall inside. There was a process of Darwinian evolution when fish were donated – and died – tadpoles too!”

Unfortunately, after Sr Enda retired, The Thinking Pool and surrounding area made way for more buildings. Nonetheless, she was so keen on this concept for Malaysians that she gave the paper from UN to the architect of Assunta Hospital’s Proposed New Concept (since aborted) to have such A ROOM OF QUIET for ALL visitors to contemplate/pray/relax etc.

“So it looks as if you wonderful AA Girls are going to have my dream realised before I get the CALL for the Eternal Room of Quiet Up Above!”, adds Sr Enda happily.

2002 – Revival of The Thinking Pool
Ground Breaking Ceremony of the New Thinking Pool together with Sister Enda Ryan FMM…

Singing our Assunta School Song together at the end of the Thinking Pool Ground Breaking Ceremony
Completion of the New Thinking Pool – a Gift to Present Girls from the Young-at-Heart Old Girls with the message, “The Answers are Within You”. With love from Assunta Alumni
However, as the Thinking Pool matured over the many years, somehow the original intention and message of the Thinking Pool was lost. It was known as “fish pond” or “kolam air” to both present students and teachers alike… 🙁

2019  – Second Revival of the Thinking Pool

With the help of Papa Assunta Alan Goh, Assunta Alumni decided to create a huge signage to ensure Sister Enda’s idea to have an area where ALL Assuntarians could spend time with their thoughts AND their GOD completely; non-denominational and hence, drawing all closer together as Assunta Family at a deeper level was revived.


It’s still-work-in-progress.

Stage 1:
Gotong Royong @ The Thinking Pool on Friday, 1 Nov 2019, 8.00am-10.00am; organized by Assunta Alumni, participated by past and present students, and past and present teachers too!
View Photos: Part 1  |  Part 2

Stage 2:
Updates, “Like” and stay tuned at Assunta Alumni Official FB Page.

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