How Assunta Got Its Name

The Assunta Secondary School was named after an Italian nun, Maria Assunta Pallotta.

‘Assunta’ is of Italian origin. Its English equivalent is ‘Assumption’, a word associated with the Virgin Mary’s Assumption into Heaven.

Maria Assunta Pallotta was born in Italy on 20th August 1878. Entered the Institute of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary (FMM) at a tender age, Sister Maria Assunta was in her early 20’s when she arrived in China.  She was assigned to the Province of Shansi to help the poor and needy. A typhus epidemic broke out, and true to character and despite not being a nurse, she volunteered to care for the victims.

She, herself, succumbed to this disease and died on 7th April 1905, at the age of 27. Before her body was buried, a miracle happened. A strong fragrance emanated from her body for three days. Because of the miracle, the holiness of her life, and the fact that after twenty years when her grave was dug up, her body was found to be incorrupt, the church decided to name her “Blessed Assunta”.

On 7th November, 1954, Pope Pius XII held a beatification ceremony for Sister Assunta in Rome, which was also attended by Sister Enda Ryan, foundress of our school. It so happened that immediately following this ceremony, the FMM Sisters were starting their apostolate in P.J. and the obvious name for their schools and hospital was “Assunta”.   Following suit, the town engineer of P.J., Dato’ Frank McWilliams, touched by the occasion, honoured this humble, self-effacing Sister by re-naming the area Jalan Assunta, Lorong Assunta A and B.

Our School Motto

Ad Veritatem Per Caritatem – To Truth through Charity

The Assunta School’s motto is derived from two Latin words – ‘caritas’ and ‘veritas’ – love and truth.  In Latin, words change their endings according to how used in the sentence. Hence after the words ‘to’ and ‘through’ we get ‘caritatem’ and ‘veritatem’

Since God is truth personified, perfect truth, the motto means our charitable works will eventually lead us to Him.With this motto, the school hopes to inspire her students to be charitable in their day-to-day living and their interaction with others.

The motto is used by every FMM School and University worldwide. It is proudly incorporated into the design of the school’s badge and flag as a permanent reminder to guide the lives of every student that passes through the doors of Assunta.

Our School Badge

  • The Ship
    – the trials that are encountered in life.
  • The Sea
    – the ocean of knowledge that we must travel.
  • The Entwining Scallop
    – the cord that binds the Franciscan family.
  • The Star
    – the guiding light through our tribulations in life.
  • Ad Veritatem Per Caritatem
    – School’s motto in Latin which means ‘To Truth Through Charity’.
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