Life-Saving Stickers for Sale

The Malay Mail, Tuesday, July 31, 2001

Car stickers that could save lives – that’s the latest community project undertaken by the Assunta Alumni.

The idea behind this glass sticker-cum-road tax disc holder is for easy access to important contact numbers in case of any emergency.

Assuntarian Pat Lu, who conceptualised the idea, said it all started after she met with a near-fatal road accident.

Her car was hit by a truck one late Friday night and while waiting for her turn to be examined in the hospital’s emergency ward, she realised that her next-of-kin would not have known of her whereabouts if she had been unconscious.

“My handphone was out of battery, my identity card (then) carried my old address and my call cards had only my office address and contact numbers,” she said.

Living on her own then, she could have been hospitalised for days without her relatives knowing about it.

Since then, Lu has kept a list of her family’s contact numbers in the glove compartment of her car, and also phone numbers of hospitals, ambulance and taxis.

“At least when there’s an emergency, I have the numbers to call or to help others out,” she says.

In response to the call to save electricity and to save water nationwide in the mid to late 1990s, Lu said that on many occasions she wished she had the phone numbers of Tenaga Nasional Bhd. and the Waterworks Department on hand when she came across lamps still lit during the day or burst water pipes.

Finally, now there is a road tax glass sticker that contains all these important phone numbers and more.

She says the public can buy the sticker for only RM3 each from the website at

Proceeds for the sale of the car sticker will be channeled to the school and other community projects.

On why the contact numbers of both Assunta Primary and Secondary schools are included on the car sticker, Lu quipped: “That’s for parents of present pupils to contact the school and to monitor their children.

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